This project is a scientific educational animation about the working principle of cells that I participated in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a ball screen animation. The screen is a sphere, covering around the audience, making people feel as if they are in the sound and generally understand the operating principle of each life structure in the cell. My task was to design the storyboard and La Bu La Duo, the nanobot.

这个项目是我在中科院参与的一个讲述细胞工作原理的科教片,它是一个球幕动画,屏幕是个球体,罩住观众的四周,使人仿佛声临其境一般体会细胞内各个生命结构的运行原理。我的任务就是设计故事板和里面的导游纳米机器人La Bu La Duo.